Banco Central del Uruguay (BCU) is the Central Bank of Uruguay which was established in 1967. It is interesting that many central banks worldwide were established during the 1960s to widen the authority on monetary and economic affairs. The BCU main responsibilities include creating and monitoring monetary policies to ensure national economic growth and stability of the national currency. It regulates and supervises all financial institutions and administers international reserves of Uruguay. It also acts as the banker and advisor to the Uruguayan government. The Bank also tries to maintain the stability of the national currency against other currencies. The national currency is the Uruguayan Pesos (UYU) and is significantly weak against the USD (1USD equals 28.0500 UYU).

Essential BCU Rules for Forex Brokers in Uruguay

Banco Central del Uruguay logoThe Forex market is under the supervision of the BCU in Uruguay and brokers who want to open regional offices there have first to fulfill the criteria imposed by the national regulatory authority, i.e. BCU. The office registration rules, of course, include sufficient substantial capital which should cover potential and real risks. Consumer protection also ranks as one of the highest priorities along fair and transparent conditions in the market. The Bank has the right to inspect all activities and business conduct of a broker under their wing.

Popularity of Forex in the Country

Uruguayans are no strangers to Forex trading. As a matter of fact, many Uruguayans participate and contribute to a vivid market. Therefore, plenty of national and international broker companies can be found on the territory of Uruguay. Brokers who want to legally run their businesses will register with BCU to obtain the BCU license. The license ensures trust and protection of the clients. It is well-known that Forex brokers lacking an acknowledged license are suspicious and should be avoided. The same goes for Uruguayan Forex brokers whose traders (at least the smart ones) insist on a license.

Efforts Towards Greater Transparency and Liquidity

When it comes to Forex brokers in Uruguay and the Forex market in general, BCU has certainly had their arms full. The bank had to find the way out of a number of crises to ensure safe, stable, and fair trading environment for everyone, while not hurting the country’s economy either. This hasn’t been an easy task and it required a lot of special measures to ensure proper trading practices. Back in 2003, BCU created a system whereby foreign currencies could only be purchased through auctions which were announced at the start of a day. However, this didn’t prove too helpful, as transparency of transactions on a large scale did not become any better. The BCU changed its practices in 2005, becoming more transparent and no longer announcing FX interventions ahead of time. This helped the stability of the currency and created a healthier economy.

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Reliability of BCU Regulated Brokers

Although Uruguay Forex brokers regulated by BCU don’t fall under the same scrutiny as those regulated in the EU or the United Kingdom, it is clear that Central Bank of Uruguay has put in a lot of effort to create a stable and transparent foreign exchange market in the country. Their interest in the Forex market, combined with transparent practices, have created an environment where brokers can freely conduct their business, as long as they play by the rules. For the traders, on the other hand, BCU regulated brokers represent a safe and reliable option, which is likely to treat them and their money fairly and with respect. For traders in Uruguay and those looking to try their luck with a more exotic Forex broker, a BCU license is one of the main things to be on the lookout for. While other things may be similar across different trading platforms, you should definitely stick to properly licensed companies and be fully aware of what you are getting into. Remember, BCU licensed brokers have to follow very strict rules and the Bank will not allow them to engage in scamming practices or negatively influence the market in any way. Since BCU work to protect the country’s interests, your interests as a trader will be catered to as well.

Explore Your Options with Best Forex Brokers in Uruguay

The Forex market in Uruguay does not differ much from other Forex markets. The BCU uses its power to keep the market safe and fraud-free, and the environment secure and transparent. If you are a trader looking to invest in a foreign market, then, check out the Uruguayan market to see if trading in the Latino world appeals to you. As long as traders have a solid broker, Forex trading is extremely exciting and thrilling regardless of your destination.

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