The Forex trading in Ireland is authorized and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, which is the regulator to most of the financial services and brokers. The Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority was founded in 2003, and its strict regulation provides transparency and reliability with CBI regulated brokers. While the range of the CBI regulated brokers available is not as wide as one would like, the offered brokers indeed provide high-quality services, security and ultimately safety to Forex traders.

The Central Bank of Ireland Regulation

Central Bank of Ireland logoThe CBI is a leading market provider of the currency exchange in Ireland, having power over treasury services and providing risk management for all financial instruments. Besides the strict regulation, with a comprehensive website the CBI provides substantial information on the market and service providers. All investment companies of any sort, be it that they provide investment advice, intermediation, or other related services, must be licensed by the CBI if they want to legally operate in Ireland. Failure to comply and offering services without having a proper license can have grave consequences for the company. First and foremost, and CBI regulated Forex broker is required to obtain a permission from the Central Bank, explicitly allowing the company to engage in brokerage activities. However, this is only the beginning. The CBI is very explicit in its demands that any and all shady activities and frauds committed within the company and relating to clients’ funds must be reported immediately. A failure to report such activities can lead to penalties and / or revocation of the operating license.

Reporting & Financial Solvency

All CBI regulated Forex brokers are required to maintain their financial liquidity at all times. This ensures safety for traders who can rest assured that Ireland Forex brokers do not cover their losses using clients’ deposits. Furthermore, regulated companies must submit to annual audits of all of their accounts and business activities. They need to fully disclose their financial positions, their investment activities throughout the year, as well as other related financial activities. All reports must be submitted no later than six months after the end of the fiscal year. CBI provides a central electronic system which makes submitting all necessary reports as easy as possible. As long as Forex brokers in Ireland conduct their business in line with the regulation, they have nothing to be concerned about.

A Few But Good

Due to strict CBI regulations, the number of fully regulated and licensed Forex brokers in Ireland is not big. They are truly a few, but of high quality. There aren’t many companies willing to submit themselves to the level of scrutiny imposed by the CBI, as the regulator doesn’t allow for any shady or questionable activities whatsoever. What this means for you as a trader is that top Ireland Forex brokers will provide you with a truly fair and safe trading environment. From the segregation of funds to quick withdrawals and top quality offers, you will have all the tools necessary to create a successful career as long as you apply yourself to studying the market. Unlike some smaller, struggling countries, Ireland has no reason to allow for shady operators to offer their services in the country. Those who want to obtain the CBI license will have to prove their business practices are fair and their financial behavior is fully transparent.

Should I Register with a CBI Regulated Forex Broker?

If you are looking to trade with a truly trustworthy and reliable Forex broker, then finding a one in possession of a CBI license is definitely a good move. These brokers will give you a type of security and reassurance you might be after, especially as a new trader. While some other Forex brokers may try to tempt you with big bonus offers and other promises, always keep in mind that companies under strict regulation are the most reliable ones. They may not give you grandiose promises, but at least you can be sure that those promises they do give you, they will keep.

Fair Forex Brokers

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CBI Forex Brokers for Maximum Safety

The Forex brokers in Ireland are strictly regulated and offer well-rounded services with good asset selections, tight spreads, fund safety and best-known security technologies as well as friendly and knowledgeable customer support agents to help with any queries traders might have. The narrow choice of CBI regulated brokers is thus not really disappointing or frustrating for Forex traders in Ireland, as the available brokers are high-class companies which gladly accepted the strict regulation by the Central Bank of Ireland. The liquidity pools, as well as available trading platforms, are more than satisfying for almost all trader types and methods including copy/social trading, scalping, long-term trading and more. While the opportunities and specific features vary, all of the licensed brokers offer high quality services.

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