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Investing in the money markets is more popular than ever thanks to the internet and trade assets variety. Forex trading is one of the top methods chosen to make profits. People are interested in finding out more about how Forex trading works. Check out some of the best licensed Forex Brokers we’ve tested and rated for you.

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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Investors who choose to speculate in the foreign currency exchange market find it possible to make an income hanks to the constantly fluctuating position of the exchange rate which can alter on a daily and even an hourly basis. Those traders who pay close attention to the state of the money market can achieve great success simply by purchasing a specific currency while its value is low and then waiting until its value has risen before selling it back.

The greatest profits are achieved by those investors who have taken the time and effort to research the current political climate around the world and by keeping themselves up to date with developments in the industry and business worlds. This type of knowledge helps traders to make accurate predictions about the way the money markets are likely to go and to invest in the right currency pairs to generate profits.

Forex trading has risen hugely in popularity since 2004 and today, thanks to the widespread use of the internet for investing purposes, more than double the number of people has begun investing in the foreign currency exchange market.

What are the Reasons for the Popularity of Forex Trading Through a Trusted Forex Broker?

There are numerous reasons why the trade of foreign currency has become a lot more popular in the last ten years. Trusted Forex brokers have made it easier than ever even for those who would never before have considered making financial investments to speculate in the money markets. More appealing than traditional stocks and shares, Forex trading is also considerably more simple and flexible.

Those who trade through the best Forex brokers can find that this is a flexible and easy way to make profits thanks to the liquidity in the market. Compared to traditional stock market trading, the spreads in Forex trading are also much lower resulting in a smaller difference between the values of currencies that are bought and sold. Trusted Forex brokers are also well known for offering special bonuses and incentives to encourage new investors to sign up to their services. Taking advantage of their expert brokering services is one way for even novice traders to enjoy profits from successful trading.

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Unlike the traditional stock market, keen investors are delighted to discover that the foreign currency market is always open for business. This is one of the reasons for the rise in the popularity of Forex trading as it fits perfectly around the lives of all types of investors who may want to fit their trading around their existing schedule, with the possibility of investing early in the morning or in the middle of the night thanks to the flexibility and constant state of fluctuation in the currency market and the location of traders all across the globe.

One of the aspects which tends to put novice investors off trading in the traditional stocks and shares market is the risk factor which is perceived to be very high. Trading in foreign currencies has much less risk as it is based on a supply and demand system, and with such enormous sums of money passing through the system on a daily basis, it is impossible for even the most influential single trader to make any impact on the market’s outcomes without attracting the cooperation and involvement of all the other central banks.

When investors trade through the best Forex brokers they can also benefit from requiring absolutely no specialist knowledge of business or industry. This is very appealing especially to novice traders, as this element is one of the things that deters many people from investing in the traditional stock market. When investing in traditional stocks and shares, traders have to work on their knowledge of companies and industry and find out specific insider information as to the firm in question’s management skills as well as their own unique financial strengths, as it is only by gleaning this type of knowledge that investors can hope to make wise investments and gain profits. When trading in foreign currencies through top rated Forex brokers, no specialist information is required, with only a basic awareness about the state of the economic climate in the world today being necessary to make sensible predictions.

When choosing top Forex broker, investors can also keep all of their profits rather than having to pay any fees or commission, and they can be sure of no hidden charges.

*Not valid for EU traders; FXTM brand is not available for USA, Netherlands, Belgium, France & Japan

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The Most Important Elements to Consider When Forex Trading Through Trusted Forex Brokers

Top Rated Forex brokers

Those who are preparing to invest in the foreign currency exchange market should familiarise themselves with the way the money market operates and find out some important facts and elements relating to Forex trading before making any final decisions or committing any money.

It is possible to exchange any amount in foreign currency in increments of 1000, which is considered to be a standard lot. Experienced and skilled investors are likely to want to invest large sums of up to or even more than 10,000 currency units while those who are brand new to the Forex market are likely to want to start their investing by only depositing small sums.

Another vital component of Forex trading that should be fully understood before making any financial investment is leverage. Any investor who does not completely grasp this concept is likely to lose a lot of money if they invest in the Forex market. Many of the top Forex brokers are prepared to offer high leverages allowing traders to trade a much larger amount of currency than the deposit that they have actually placed. By depositing a relatively small sum into their account they can effectively borrow extra money from their top Forex brokers at a specific rate which allows them to benefit further from the exchange rate’s fluctuations. It is important to remember however that the amount of leverage extended will depend on the type of account held by the investor and the level of their individual experience with the markets. Only the most proven traders will be offered the best leverage rates.

When trading foreign currencies it is important to know that trading is always done in currency pairs, for example USD to GBP, EUR to USD or GBP to EUR. The most popular currency for universal trading all over the world is the US Dollar but the Euro is a close second. Traders should note that the lowest spreads are offered on those currency pairs which are considered to be the most popular.

One of the things that tends to put novice traders off using trusted Forex brokers to invest in the foreign exchange market is that they fail to see rapid results, however this should not deter new investors as it is a skill that can be honed and developed over time. Like any other skill, it takes experience and practice in order to produce results, so there is no need to feel downhearted if instant results are not seen. By taking the time to observe patterns and trends within the money market, it is possible to improve and make greater profits as time goes on.

How does one of the top regulators in the world – FCA in UK handles the top Forex brokers

Making sure that a trader chooses trusted Forex brokers is the best way to guarantee that their money will be safe and secure. Knowing how to choose a reliable Forex broker is paramount and therefore it is essential to choose top rated Forex brokers who have registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, also known as the FCA, which is the regulatory body set up to handle and regulate all trustworthy Forex trading brokers. It is part of their remit to maintain and keep up to date a register of the country’s most trusted Forex brokers who have all proven that they have a good track record and are secure and adhere to a necessary strict criteria in order to be registered.

The Financial Conduct Authority adds the best Forex brokers to its registers when they have proved that their banking systems that they have put in place are both high quality and reliable. They also have to demonstrate that all their financial reports are correct and submitted in a timely manner and that they perform regular annual audits. When traders choose the top rated Forex brokers who are listed on the FCA register they rest assured that their financial transactions are all in safe hands.

There are also some brokers who are known as EEA brokers. They are based within Europe but outside the UK and are top Forex brokers who are subjected to the most stringent of European regulations as well as being registered with the FCA. They are considered to be extremely safe and reputable and therefore are a safe and sensible choice when considering where to invest hard earned money.

Regulation authorities in the Forex market

✔️NFA regulated Forex brokers✔️FCA regulated Forex brokers✔️CFTC regulated Forex brokers✔️CySEC regulated Forex brokers
✔️ASIC regulated Forex brokers✔️BaFin regulated Forex brokers✔️Banque de France regulated Forex brokers✔️FINRA regulated Forex brokers
✔️SIBA regulated Forex brokers✔️FINMA regulated Forex brokers✔️FMA regulated Forex brokers✔️AFM regulated Forex brokers
✔️BAPPEBTI regulated Forex brokers✔️BCU regulated Forex brokers✔️BDL regulated Forex brokers✔️BFSC regulated Forex brokers
✔️BSP regulated Forex brokers✔️BVIFSC regulated Forex brokers✔️CBI regulated Forex brokers✔️CBK regulated Forex brokers
✔️CB of UAE regulated Forex brokers✔️CIMA regulated Forex brokers✔️CMBT regulated Forex brokers✔️CMVM regulated Forex brokers
✔️CNB regulated Forex brokers✔️CNMV regulated Forex brokers✔️CSSF regulated Forex brokers✔️DFSA regulated Forex brokers
✔️EFSA regulated Forex brokers✔️FCMC regulated Forex brokers✔️FMRRC regulated Forex brokers✔️Danish FSA regulated Forex brokers
✔️Japanese FSA regulated Forex brokers✔️FSB regulated Forex brokers✔️FSPC regulated Forex brokers✔️IFSC Forex brokers
✔️GFSC Forex brokers✔️IIROC Forex brokers✔️MAS Forex brokers✔️FSA Forex brokers
✔️HKSFC Forex brokers✔️NAFD Forex brokers✔️IBFC Forex brokers✔️SEBI Forex brokers
✔️FSPR Forex brokers✔️SCAUAE Forex brokers✔️CBUAE Forex brokers✔️MFSA Forex brokers
✔️HCMC Forex brokers✔️MTR Forex brokers✔️MNB Forex brokers✔️PFSA Forex brokers

Choosing From the Top Forex Brokers in the world

Before making any final decisions or depositing any funds into the foreign currency exchange market, potential investors should take the appropriate amount of time and effort to fully investigate all possible options as to their choice of Forex broker. As there are a great number of brokers to choose from, it is important to find which is the best Forex brokers to meet individual needs and requirements, and close attention should be paid to what exactly is offered to investors by each broker before committing any finances or making any transactions.

top rated Forex brokers in uk

The Forex market is surprisingly lucrative and it may surprise potential investors to know that over $4 trillion dollars pass through the foreign currency market every single day. Those who want to invest have no option but to use the services of one of the trusted Forex brokers, and considering their track record and reputation is a big part of making a wise final decision. Investing financial assets with any broker who turns out to be unreliable is a risk that nobody wants to take with their hard-earned money, so choosing top rated Forex brokers who have a reputation for being trustworthy and secure as well as being registered with the FCA is the best way of guaranteeing that their choice of broker is safe.

One of the most important aspects to consider about best Forex brokers is the ease and speed with which investors can both deposit and withdraw funds into and from their accounts. Traders benefit most from accounts that are streamlined for speedy deposits and fast withdrawals and it makes sense to avoid any broker who makes it difficult or a drawn-out process to obtain access to money. One of the trusted Forex brokers who have a reputation for efficient account systems is the best choice and if they also offer a good choice of methods for deposit and withdrawal including modern technological online methods like PayPal that ensures maximum convenience for the investor.

Payment Methods Used by the Forex brokers

Paypal Forex BrokersSkrill Forex BrokersWebMoney Forex Brokers
Western Union Forex BrokersBitcoin Forex BrokersNeteller Forex Brokers

Spreads are another consideration to bear in mind while selecting from top Forex brokers. This aspect is likely to be most important to an experienced investor, however, finding top rated Forex brokers who are able to offer the most competitive spreads is one of the top ways to ensure that profits are maximised. However, it is also vital for potential investors to bear in mind that there are many other factors that are more important than the spreads that may be offered and the entire trading experience of a particular broker as a whole is more important to consider.

The leverages that may be extended to investors is another factor that is likely to be considered when choosing the best Forex brokers. For the most expert investors, this is a vital aspect to choosing a broker as it is likely that they will be searching for trusted Forex brokers who can extend to them a leverage of up to 100:1 or 200:1. Novice investors too may want to pay attention to the leverages on offer as the minimum offered leverage is an indicator of the suitability of a broker for a newcomer to the money market and may even offer a guideline as to how reliable they are.

The trading platforms which are available for use by investors who choose top rated Forex broker is another aspect of the investor’s selection process. Ideally, they will be seeking out top rated Forex brokers who are offering a choice of trading platforms that are entirely secure and safe for use. Accessibility is important, so a user-friendly interface and the ability to use the trading platform whether using a home PC or on the go with a mobile device is vital. Another area to look at is the tools and indicators that are offered on the broker’s trading platforms as they should offer customisable options to suit the needs of different individuals. Of course, it goes without saying that you should choose a broker whose servers are reliable and not likely to crash at a key moment.

The types and range of the currency pairs on offer by top Forex brokers is another important aspect to be considered that may affect any decision made. Paying attention to both the amount and variety of pairs is essential as you may want to consider the countries whose currencies are offered to trade sine this could be a make or break factor in your final decision of trusted Forex brokers.

Many potential Forex traders have an interest in eventually branching out into trading of other assets instead of purely restricting themselves to trading in foreign currencies. Anyone who thinks that this may apply to them should look for top rated Forex brokers who allow trading of a broad spectrum of assets including commodities, indices, energy products, precious metals, and traditional stocks. The majority of the top Forex brokers are prepared to extend these options to their investors in order to attract more registrations to their sites. Choosing one of the best Forex brokers will open up a greater range of trading options and will enable keen investors to maximise their profits by trying their hand at investing in a wider choice of assets.

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When you trade securities and derivatives, your capital is at risk. Between 70-89% of retail investors lose money and it’s important that you are aware of this risk before you start trading. does not offer any investment/financial guidance. Our purpose is solely to help you find the best brokers and to provide informational content.